Bonus System & Affiliate Structure

The Account Bonus System

1.1. The Account Bonuses System can be your way of getting back at us for charging a 30% trading commission .

1.2. We know 30% is higher than the general norm, but if you choose to be active and are willing to engage in the colorful game on the Affiliates & Bonuses page, you can have 1/4, 1/3 or even 1/2 of that commission back. And we bet you will enjoy yourself more than if you would have chosen to pay the industry-standard 20% commission to other funds (who are most definitely boring).

1.3. Having one or more active account bonuses means that every day you will receive a percentage of the trading commission we generate using your funds. This can be done easily thanks to our platform commission being tokenized. To find out exactly what we mean by this, please take a look at the Token Mechanics section of the manual if you haven't done so already.

Account Bonus System Technical Aspects

2.1. Account Bonuses are processed after the end of every day, at 00:01 UTC.

2.2. Account Bonuses are calculated as a direct fraction of platform commission generated that day.

2.3. Platform Commission can be negative if things didn't go our way on the day in question. This means that Account Bonuses can also be negative. But fear not, we will not be taking anything away from your account balance. We would never do such a despicable thing! Instead, Account Bonuses go to your Bonus Balance.

2.4. Your Bonus Balance is a virtual balance that the platform keeps track of. It can be found on the Affiliates & Bonuses page.

2.5. A minimum of 1 QTL Bonus Balance is required before you can transfer it to your main Wallet Balance.

2.6. After placing a bonus transfer order, the QTL amount is transferred from the Platform Commission Wallet to your QTL wallet.

Total Wallet Balance vs. Purchased Balance

3.1. In order for the Bonus System to work as intended and to prevent undesirable scenarios, some bonuses apply to your Total Wallet Balance, others only to your Purchased Balance.

3.2. Your Wallet Balance is calculated as follows:
"Total Wallet Balance" = "Purchase Transactions" + "Received Transfers" - "Sale Transactions" - "Sent Transfers"

3.3. Your Purchase Balance is meant to highlight the portion of your wallet balance that you purchased and is calculated as follows:
"Purchase Balance" = "Purchase Transactions" + min( 0, ("Received Transfers" - "Sale Transactions" - "Sent Transfers") )

Types of Account Bonus

4.1. There are 5 types of account bonus on our platform, each with its own special features:

  • Referral Bonuses: unlocked when you used an existing user's affiliate link to sign up. We think it's only fair that both you and them get a reward through the Affiliate System. We wouldn't want you to be grumpy and ruin your friendship because they're getting all the benefits of introducing you to our platform. The Referral Bonuses applies to your Purchase Balance.
    The Referral Bonuses are not compatible with Total Purchase Bonuses and First Purchase Bonuses.
    • "Friend of a Friend": 10% of trading commission
  • Hodler Bonuses: unlocked automatically on the account 5 days after your first purchase. You lose hodler bonuses when you sell or transfer any tokens to any wallet except your designated External ERC-20 Wallet. Hodler Bonuses apply to your Total Wallet Balance.
    • "Happy Hodler": 5% of trading commission
    • "Real Scrooge": 10% of trading commission
  • Total Purchase Bonuses: unlocked after you Purchase Balance exceeds certain thresholds. These bonuses upgrade, downgrade or deactivate when your Purchase Balance falls below the thresholds. Total Purchase Bonuses apply to your Purchase Balance.
    • "Deep Pawkets": 5% of trading commission
    • "Fat Cat": 15% of trading commission
    • "Baller": 25% of trading commission
    • "Whale": 50% of trading commission
  • First Purchase Bonuses: unlocked if your first purchase is above certain thresholds. First Purchase Bonuses apply to your Purchase Balance.
    • "High Roller": 5% of trading commission
    • "Tall Order": 10% of trading commission
  • Special Bonuses:these bonuses last for 30 days and are awarded by us under special circumstances, as a way of showing our appreciation for users that help make our life easier, like to help others or stand out as notable members of the QUANTL community. Special Bonuses apply to your Total Wallet Balance.
    • "Pillar of Society": 10% of trading commission
    • "Protector of the Realm": 20% of trading commission
    • "Guiding Light": 10% of trading commission, lifetime bonus
    Note: The first rule of receiving a Special Bonus is also the first rule of Fight Club.

4.2. More to come.

The Affiliate System

5.1. The Affiliate System is meant to offer an incentive to users that let their friends know about our good efforts here at QUANTL.

5.2. Users that sign up using your unique Affiliate Link become your affiliates. Your Affiliate Link is located on the Affiliates & Bonuses section of your account.

5.3. For every one of your affiliates, during the first year of their membership, you will receive a percentage of the trading commission we generate using the funds they spend on the QUANTL platform. We call this the Affiliate Bonus.

5.4. To make sure there's no hard feelings between you and your friends along the way, your affiliates will also receive a bonus to their account for their first year of membership.

5.5. The Affiliate Bonus System has 3 tiers, depending on how loaded your friends are:

  • Tier 1: Total affiliates' purchased balance < 1000 QTL 10% Affiliate Bonus
  • Tier 2: Total affiliates' purchased balance < 3000 QTL 15% Affiliate Bonus
  • Tier 3: Total affiliates' purchased balance > 3000 QTL 20% Affiliate Bonus

5.6. The top 3 Tier 3 affiliates are automatically awarded the "Guiding Light" Special Account Bonus.

5.7. Note: Don't be your own affiliate. We will be totally bummed out with you if you do!