QUANTL Platform Guide

The QUANTL Platform

1.1. The QUANTL platform has been designed from the ground up to be a detailed and enjoyable graphical interface for our users.

1.2. Registration is free, requiring only a valid email address.

1.3. Please do not create more accounts than you need.

Main Dashboard

2.1. Your main account parameters are present on the user dashboard:

  • QTL Wallet Balance: The amount of QTL tokens in your platform wallet.
  • Your Wallet Value: Displays the current BTC or USD value of QTL tokens in your platform wallet.
  • QTL Token Value: The current value(price) of 1 QTL token. Displayed as BTC or USD. Last TVU change is also shown here.
  • BTC Price: CoinMarketCap Bitcoin/USD reference price. This is the official Bitcoin price we use for calculating payments on the QUANTL platform. Updated every 3 minutes.

2.2. Fund past performance statistics are also available om the dashboard:

  • Today: QTL token price change since start of day, 00:00 UTC.
  • Past 30 days: QTL token price change in the past 30 days.
  • From the start: QTL token price change since we began monitored trading for the platform, on 01-12-2018.
  • Past Performance Chart: shows the evolution of QTL token price as percentages either lost or gained during the last 200 time intervals. Available time intervals are 10 minutes and 1 day.
  • Next Token Value Update: shows the time left until the next Token Value Update Event. For more information on TVU events, please see Token Mechanics.

2.3. Ref. change switches ( ) are placed around the dashboard, which change the reference currency of displayed values between BTC and USD.

Fund Parameters Token Overview

3.1. On the Token Overview page you can see details regarding:

  • The QTL token pool structure
  • The distribution of total managed assets among wallets and trading accounts
  • Individual performance statistics on each of our active trading accounts

3.2. For more details regarding the QTL token and special platform wallets, please see Token Mechanics.

Fund Parameters Activity Reports

4.1. The Activity Reports page shows details regarding:

  • The current day's trading statistics
  • Overall trading statistics
  • Daily Activity Reports

4.2. This page also includes the Activity Reports Viewer, which you can use to browse through all our past activity reports which include our full trading activity, account balancing operations and token generation operations.

4.3. The Activity Reports Viewer can also be used to verify the authenticity of activity report files.
For more details regarding the activity reports, please see Activity Reporting.

QTL Wallet Buy QTL

5.1. Purchasing QTL tokens can be done quickly and easily using Bitcoin.

5.2. Here are the QTL purchase guidelines:

  • Minimum purchase amount: 10 QTL
  • When making a payment, you should send only one transaction and send the exact BTC amount shown.
  • Displayed transaction amounts are valid only for the current 10 minute interval, until the next TVU event, when QTL price is recalculated and may change.
  • Transaction fees - you should always take care to send Bitcoin payments using medium or high transaction fees, to ensure your payment is not stuck waiting for confirmations, especially during periods of heavy network load.
  • Transaction confirmations - we wait for 3 Bitcoin network confirmations before processing a payment.

5.3. Notable cases & exception handling:

  • If your transaction is confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain before the next TVU event, the final QTL purchase amount will be identical to the one initially displayed. Otherwise, your purchase will be processed at the TVU event following your Bitcoin transaction confirmation and the final purchase amount recalculated using the updated QTL price.
  • If you send more than the amount shown, your final purchase amount will be recalculated and you will receive more QTL.
  • If you send less than the amount shown, the system will register the received amount but will wait for you to send the remaining amount to the same address before crediting your QTL tokens.
  • If you send more than one transaction, the system will process your purchase only after all the transactions you sent are confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

5.4. On QTL denomination - Remember that QTL tokens are denominated in BTC and even if BTC price happens to change drastically between the time you send payment and the time it is confirmed, you are not winning or losing anything on this transaction.

5.5. On QTL price change - The highest QTL price increase we have managed so far during a 10 minute interval is 0.215%. So you shouldn't get too concerned with getting payments processed within the same time interval, as you most likely won't lose or gain anything significant if the payment gets processed in less than 1 hour.

QTL Wallet Sell QTL

6.1. Selling QTL tokens can be done quickly and easily as well.

6.2. Here are the QTL sale guidelines:

  • Minimum sale amount: 1 QTL
  • QTL sale fee: your transaction will be charged a 1.9% sale fee (~$0.5 minimum). We collect this fee as Bitcoin.
  • Displayed transaction amounts are final.
  • BTC withdrawal wallet: please make sure you have a BTC wallet entered on your Account Profile page, so we know where to send your Bitcoin. Also, doulbe-check this wallet is correct and accurate. We cannot revert a bitcoin payment once we send it out.
  • Transaction fees: we will pay the Bitcoin transaction fees when sending out a payment to you.
  • Transaction processing: sale transactions get processed by the system at the next TVU event. Bitcoin payments are then sent out manually, in 2-4 daily batches.

QTL Wallet Transfer QTL

7.1. Transferring QTL tokens from a platform wallet is quick, easy and also free.

7.2. Here are the QTL transfer guidelines:

  • Minimum transfer amount: 1 QTL
  • Transfer processing: transfers get processed and propagated by the system at the next TVU event.
  • Transfer blockchain fees: Ethereum blockchain transactions require a small fee in order to get processed. When transferring tokens from within the QUANTL platform, this fee is supported by the platform. Note that if you have QTL tokens in your private ETH wallet and wish to transfer them, you will have to pay the necessary transaction fees.
  • Displayed transaction amounts are final.
  • Abuse of transfer function: please don't abuse the free transfer functionality, because we will get mad at you if you do.

QTL Wallet Operations Log

8.1. The Operations Log contains all your past transactions, transfers and bonus balance transfers.

8.2. Transaction Details:

  • Timestamps: The UTC dates and times when the transaction was submitted, confirmed and completed
  • Type: Purchase or Sale
  • QTL amount: The final QTL amount of this transaction. The initially quoted QTL amount is shown here until the transaction is confirmed.
  • Net value: The BTC and USD values of the transaction, minus sale fee if transaction is a sale.
  • Tx. fee: The transaction sale fee in BTC if transaction is a sale.
  • Status: Submitted, Posted, Confirmed, Processing or Complete.
  • Tx. hashes: The transaction hashes for the BTC payment and ETH blockchain QTL minting or burning.

8.3. Transfer Details:

  • Timestamps: The UTC dates and times when the transaction was submitted and completed.
  • Type: Sent or Received
  • QTL amount: The QTL amount transferred
  • Details: Sender/Receiver ETH address or "Bonus balance transfer"
  • Status: Processing or Complete
  • Tx. hash: The ETH blockchain QTL transfer transaction hash.

Your Account Affiliates & Bonuses

9.1. The Affiliates & Bonuses page contains all the details regarding the bonuses active on your account and your affiliate statistics.

9.2. Bonus Balance Tab:

  • Bonus Balance: this is your current Bonus Balance. Can be either positive or negative.
  • Total Transferred: total Bonus Balance you have transferred to your main QTL wallet so far.
  • Transfer to Wallet: the transfer button unlocks when Bonus Balance is above 5 QTL.

9.3. Affiliate System Tab:

  • Affiliate Link: this is your affiliate link.
  • Affiliates balance: the total QTL Purchased Balance of your affiliates. The amount needed for the next tier affiliate bonus unlock is also displayed.
  • Active affiliates: number of your affiliates that purchased QTL and your total number affiliates.
  • Affiliate bonus: your current Affiliate Bonus percentage and tier.
  • Generated: the QTL amount you received so far to your Bonus Balance for referring your affiliates (total and yesterday are displayed)

9.4. Your Affiliates Table:

  • QTL wallet: the QTL platform wallet of your affiliate.
  • Signup date: the date when your affiliate created the account.
  • Generated: the amount of QTL received so far for referring this affiliate.
  • Time left: the number of days remaining from the 1 year affiliate bonus period.

9.5. Account Bonus Tab:

  • Account Bonus: the total active bonus percentage on your account.
  • Generated: the QTL amount you received so far to your Bonus Balance from account bonuses (total and yesterday are displayed)
  • Active Bonuses: the individual bonuses active on your account and their characteristics
  • Show possible bonuses: shows a list of all available account bonuses

9.6. For the complete rules and details of the Bonuses & Affiliates System, please see Bonuses & Affiliates.

Your Account Account Profile

10.1. The Account Profile page contains the following:

  • Account ID: Your unique QUANTL account identifier. You use this id to log into your account.
  • QTL Wallet: This is the Ethereum blockchain address assigned to your QUANTL account wallet.
  • Email: You can change your email address here.
  • Telegram Handle: You can add or change your telegram contact here.
  • Bitcoin Wallet Address: You can add or change your BTC wallet here for receiving BTC from token sales.
  • External ERC-20 Wallet Address: You can add or change your personal ETH wallet here for storing QTL tokens without missing out on account balance bonuses.

Your Account Account Settings

11.1. The Account Settings page contains the security settings for your account, which we strongly advise you to use.

11.2. The available account security settings are:

  • Account Password: You can change your account password here.
  • Auto Logout: If enabled, you will be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • IP Address Change Validation: If enabled, you will be asked for login validation every time your IP address changes.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: App-based two-factor authentication is the only truly effective account protection method.

11.3. In case something nasty happens to your account, we will have to determine if you are telling the truth or not in order to help you. And that means you will have to wait around a lot and answer all sorts of nagging questions in order to clear up whatever happened. So again, please, use your account security settings.


12.1. We offer support through livechat and email ticketing from the built-in support widget inside your account.

12.2. Live support is available most of the time, but for the rare occasions no operator is available, please leave a message with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

12.3. Please take a few minutes to browse through this manual and get acquainted with platform functionality before contacting support.