Future Stages of Development

QTL Token Evolution

1.1. Aside from all the other features incorporated into the QTL token, we also intend to keep things from getting stale in the future.

1.2. Stage II of the QUANTL platform will be triggered when the maximum token cap of 10,000,000 QTL is reached for the first time.

1.3. Stage III does not have a definitive trigger event, but it will follow Stage II at a point when we decide it's time to also include less intense forms of investing.

QTL Stage II

2.1. Once the maximum token cap of 10,000,000 QTL is reached for the first time, we will enter Stage II of the QUANTL platform.

2.2. QTL Stage II will bring the following changes:

  • revocation of the Trading Commission, 100% of trading results contributing to token price
  • disabling of the Bonus & Affiliate Systems, as there will be no more commission to give from
  • token purchases will only be possible up to the token cap limit

2.3. The above changes mean that our marketing efforts will diminish at this point, concentrating focus on trading results fine-tuning.
The token price impact of trading results will effectively increase by 42% due to elimination of trading commission.
QTL tokens might start trading at a premium outside the platform when token supply is maximum, adding an entirely new and exciting dimension to QTL tokens.


3.1. Our ultimate goal with the QUANTL project is to enable meaningful change for those around us.

3.2. With Stage III we hope to expand our focus into acquiring shares of truly unique blockchain and technology projects and other interesting and profitable assets that are tokenized.

3.3. Stage III will come with:

  • introduction of blockchain-based voting on external asset placement decisions
  • ability for token holders to create external investment proposals
  • possible addition of a token purchase fee

3.4. We don't think we can overstate the impact that an independent blockchain fund can have on the future of the ecosystem.